Red Wines

Stone Bridge

Made from a 100% local Frontenac grape, with a touch of sweetness, this wine is warm and inviting with light berry notes.

Royale Red

A fortified dessert red with berry and dark chocolate flavors.

Specialty Wines

Cranberry Harvest

The taste of Wisconsin cranberries, soft and sweet.

On-site, Cottage Winery and Vineyard grows three varietals of grapes, all designed to withstand northern Wisconsin winters: Frontenac, Frontenac Gris, and Marquette grapes. When we harvest, with God's blessings, we immediately take the grapes to our wine maker in Osseo, one hour southeast of our location.  Our grapes are paired with another vineyards harvest to make the delicious local wines presented in the tasting room.

We also love to educated guest's on wines found around the world.  Crowd favorites include the Tropical Mango Moscato and the "sweet red fizzy wine" Brachetto d'Acqui. Both favorites are sweet sparkling wines from Italy.  We also have a dry red wine on our tasting list, usually from California.

Beyond our tasting sheet, there are delicious wines ranging from white to red that we have chosen to carry. One of our favorites is a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

Our tasting room winetenders love to share information on our local vineyards and wine, as well as, wines from around the world.  This way we can educate guests on many different types of wine available, and surely find one to please your pallate.

After a wine tasting, we recommend walking the grounds (with a glass of wine) for a beautiful stroll through the many gardens.

I hope you stop out soon to experience this one-of-a-kind winery in Western Wisconsin.

Thursday - Friday - Saturday 12-5pm

Rosé Wine

Evening Blush

Made from 100% locally grown Frontenac grape, this rosé is a versatile semi-sweet wine with Bing cherry and soft cranberry flavors.

White Wines

White Lantern

100% locally grown La Crescent grapes, a nice tartness with grapefruit and tropical flavors.

White Lantern

100% locally grown La Crescent grapes, sweeter, versatile white wine with notes of grapefruit and tropical flavors.

Sunset Gold

With estate grown Frontenac Gris grapes, medium body semi-sweet white wine notes of apple and citrus with a hint of sweetness.


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